Iselin Strømsvåg is the designer behind the brand Iselin. As the brand name may reveal, the creation of the Iselin jewelry pieces is a very personal process for the designer. All designs are hand made in the Iselin studio in Norway.


Iselin Strømsvåg was born and now lives in the south of Norway close to the sea. The sea, and nature itself is such a core part of the culture in the coast of southern Norway. She grew up with a very close and personal connection to the sea, a place to always find calmness, strength and a sense of home. 

Nature is an unending source of inspiration, but especially the sun, light, and the sea.


Every piece of jewelry is hand made in Studio Iselin in Norway. The materials used are Sterling Silver (925), Pure Silver (999) (recycled) and 18 Karat Gold plating. Most of the pieces are fully or partially hand carved from silver clay, which gives them that truly organic and rough look that is a signature for Iselin's designs. You can easily recognize an Iselin piece from its unique texture and the balance between the rough and the fine. Modern, but at the same time made to always be current and timeless.


          Made to order: All pieces are made to order, and by doing so we have close to zero waste (both in materials and in finished products). This choice is also to be a part of the movement against fast fashion. You will have to wait  a little while to get your order - but it is so worth it!

          No seasons: For the same reason as above, to not be a part of "fast fashion", or the constant chasing of trends, we have decided to not follow the traditional seasonal collections in fashion. Our collections are made when the designer feel the inspiration to create them, and none of the products are made for any particular season.

          The materials: A larger part of each design (or the whole design in many cases) are made from recycled pure silver. We are working towards sourcing gold and sterling silver that are recycled as well. We use as little chemicals, and also aim to produce as little waste as possible during our creation.

          Fair and ethical working conditions: All designs are hand made in the brand studio in Norway, however we do source some of the findings from other places. Most of these are made in USA. We strive to always know that the findings we buy are made ethically in every sense.


Iselin Strømsvåg, who is the designer behind the brand Iselin is a trained Clothing Designer (Fashion school: ESMOD Oslo) and Social Anthropologist. She has been working with jewelry for 15 years prior to starting Iselin, then with her jewelry brand Dreams of Norway together with partner Nina Einarsen. After a pause from the jewelry business for a few years, she started her new brand Iselin in the beginning of 2022.